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Clifford Bell
Clifford Bell
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Aldes Exclusive
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Cliff Bell holds a BA Degree and an Honours Degree in Economics from Natal University (South Africa), with specialisation in Industrial and Development Economics, and has completed further studies in the field of Project Management. Cliff has been: a Principal of ALDES Exclusive Business Brokers (DURBAN - the 2nd oldest Franchise in the Country) since 2010; the top KZN and a top 10 SA Broker (out of 70) for a 5 year period; as well as, receiving the 2018 Brand Ambassador Award for Service Excellence. Clifford Bell has been extensively involved with the inward location of industrial and commercial companies toward South Africa since 1991. The client base for this work has come from several continents, with specific sources including : People’s Republic China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. In-depth country and corporate investigations were conducted in the course of more than thirty business tours to these countries, amongst others, with a view to assessing market and company opportunities. This work also comprised or resulted in assisting with the relocation and establishment of companies within South Africa. Client organisations assisted in this way have principally been in the sectors or sub-sectors of power generation, wood, paper, minerals, chemicals, plastics, metal, engineering and tourism. Over the past twenty years, the experience of Cliff Bell has reached Executive and Board level in the areas of corporate and asset based finance, strategic planning, development and management of commercial and industrial property, as well as in the development of mid-size business and heavier mineral transformation industries in the well-known seaport area of Richards Bay Export Zone, the leading commercial and industrial port of South Africa linked by road/rail to the capital, Johannesburg. Apart from holding the position of Managing Director of a major regional Investment Promotion Agency, Cliff Bell has also served or continues to serve on a number of leading professional institutions for the South African economy at national level, including Tourism Investment, Best Practice City Commission, Titanium Cluster, Port Liaison, Container Handling (Chairman), as well as vice-chairmanship of Trade and Investment for the Durban Chamber of Commerce. As a member of economic study teams established and directed by Business Location International, Cliff Bell whose experience outside southern Africa has embraced industrial sites and zones in North and West Africa and in the Gulf region in Oman, is a specialist in the downstream development of mineral and chemical applications of major sources of raw materials, as well as, Free Zones.

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