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Grant Stuart
Grant Stuart
Aldes Border
Eastern Cape
9 active mandates

My background is essentially financial (qualified Chartered Accountant), having spent nearly 20 years in the corporate world and garnering extensive knowledge in the Food packaging, Financial services and Glass/aluminium industries. I have lived in the Eastern Cape/Border for over thirty years, so have a broad network of business contacts across the entire region. Six years ago, I decided however that small business was my calling and subsequently began my own enterprise from scratch, still retaining a silent equity share in this profitable SME venture today. I wholeheartedly endorse the view, that SME business lies at the epicentre of our countrys future sustainable economic success ! Having been in the buyers market for Small businesses myself, I appreciate the need for a common accessible platform, for willing business buyers and sellers to meet. There is a core of broad spectrum intrepid entrepreneurs and investors out there, wishing to enter into this ever expanding SME market, but they often need competent professional advice to wade through such unchartered territory. This is undoubtly where Aldes business brokers come to the fore, with their history of unparalleled success in Building Business Bridges (BBB). My personal motto of "Nothing ventured Nothing gained", bears testament to my optimistic view of taking that first entrepreneurial step, towards potential financial freedom. Whether a seller or buyer of business, ALDES BORDER is 100% committed to offering you a professional, dedicated service, that provides a workable solution for You.

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