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Shamal Singh
Shamal Singh
Aldes Prestige
4 active mandates

Shamal is a results driven professional with a solid track record in Operations, Sales and Retail Management. In his capacity as a Co-Principal at Aldes Umhlanga he brings a wealth of skills sets and value add to the franchise. Shamals background stems from successfully operating multiple franchise stores within the highly competitive retail Mobile Telecoms Sector over a 12 year period. His stores were consistently in the top 10 performing dealerships nationally. After the businesses had reached their peak he recognised the opportunity to sell and embark on other ventures complementary to his experience. Shamal remains an entrepreneur at heart and currently serves as a shareholder in the Telecoms & Technology Service Sector adopting a more strategic role in Sales and Human Resource Management. "I believe in leveraging of ones existing resources and creating sound networks and partnerships in achieving organisational growth. If one tends to look through the smoke screens created, there exists a wealth of business opportunities within South Africa and my role will be to ensure my clients find their perfect fit for their hard earned investments". "I look forward to engaging with you"

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