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Filling Station, Property, Bottle Store, Take Away & Shops Mpumalanga

Mpumalanga, Lowveld
Mandate 31120
Added 02 May 2017
R 39,500,000* ZAR
Stock: R 0
Assets: R 17,140,000
R 305,276 ZAR
Debbie Sardoz
Aldes Lowveld
Mpumalanga, Nelspruit
Mpumalanga, Nelspruit

A bundle of investments, comprising ,Prime 1, 4107 Property, Lucrative Filling Station, Busy Bottle Store, Fast Food Takeaway and rental income from 9 separate businesses in touristic Mpumalanga

Filling Station, Property, Bottle Store, Take Away & Shops Mpumalanga
R 39,500,000* ZAR
Stock: R0
Assets: R17,140,000
R 305,276 ZAR

A bundle of investments, comprising ,Prime 1, 4107 Property, Lucrative Filling Station, Busy Bottle Store, Fast Food Takeaway and rental income from 9 separate businesses in touristic Mpumalanga

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How long has the business been established?
The business has been established since 1965.

Fully describe the property and its income earing activites.
The businesses opportunity comprise a compliment of 1, 4107 hectares of prime business property with improvements of 9 shops with 12 businesses operational and generating income to the Pty wherein the property is registered , amongst them is a 8 pump filling station, forecourt with bottle store and take away which are owned and operated by the seller, the other shops and businesses on the premises have monthly paying tenants and an accredited bank ATM, all generating rental income.

How does the business operate on a daily basis?
Being offered for sale is prime property of 1, 4107 hectares with all its building improvements and a filling station pumping between 340 and 400,000 liters pm owned and managed by the seller,, the petroleum provider pays the owner and additional RAS accruals as he owns the land, a bottle store owned and managed by the seller and take away owned and managed by the seller. All 3 of these businesses are owned and operated by the seller and generate an income to the seller. Based on the information as was supplied by the seller the income from these 3 businesses and the rental income from the businesses who operate from the property have been utilized in compiling this mandated report. All the rental income from the businesses operating on the property, the prime property itself with the improvements and 3 businesses owned by the seller (filling station, bottle store, take away) are included in the sale price. Despite the owner owning and operating the 3 businesses himself these 3 businesses operated by the seller pay rentals to the holding company along with the other tenants.

How are the clients attracted to the business?
The business has absolute prime location on entering one of the main touristic routes in Mpumalanga and enjoys encompassing visibility when entering the main town. There are sufficient pumps and points of sales to supply and service a substantial amount of vehicles all at once with petrol and diesel. The sign age is appealing to attract clients seeking petrol, diesel which will more than likely be required on the route on the traveler passing the station is heading. The four courts surrounding the pumps have shops offering food, alcohol and vehicle services. The complex is well defined in terms of location and provision for travelers. The businesses location enjoys entrance into the main town from 2 sides .

What competition exists?
There are 2 other competitive petrol providers operating within the same close geographical area as the business, however they do not enjoy the same visible prime location as that of which the business has . The business also is the only one in the area with 10pp diesel.

Is the property being let by a letting agency?
No, the seller himself manages his own tenants. The seller owns and manages the filling station, the bottle store and the take away. The other shops and business on the property pay monthly rental to the seller. The ATM also pays monthly rental to the seller.

Are there up-to-date Management Accounts available?
Yes, the basic management income and expenditure of the businesses is available on a more in-depth analysis on the mandated report but the seller has indicated that additional information will only be available to serious and qualified vetted buyers.

What is the total staff complement?
The staff is employed separately on all 3 businesses and this staff compliment list will be provided as and when at the time of furthered and serious negotiations between the Parties.

Do you require a licence?
Yes, the supply of petroleum requires their own specific license which the seller has in place along with a liquor license for the bottle store. These will all be transferred to the purchaser upon a successful sale.

What rental deposits have been securd from the tenants?
The tenants have one month of their rentals as a deposit with the landlord. The tenants are on a month to month agreement with the landlord. The ATM has a lengthy lease with the landlord/ seller.

Is there a property valuation on file?
Yes, the property valuation on file was last compiled in 2012. Since then the value of property and improvements have substantially increased over the years

What is the zoning of the property?
The property is situated at the entrance to a busy Mpumalanga town, with good access and visibility from the main road into town. Buildings and improvements on the property comprise, an 8 pump filling station of which the pumps and underground tanks are the property of an approved petroleum provider, the 2 canopies covering the pumps belong to the owner of the property. There are public toilets at the filling station and form part of the properties improvements. The forecourt is brick paved. The water supply is from the local council and Co-op and irrigation scheme. All said this is a property with a business’s commanding one of the most prominent sites in the town.

How can the income of the property be improved?
Most of the tenants do not have written leases can be viewed as an opportunity for the prospective buyer to develop his own complex and choose his own compliment of tenants to suite the prime location as the site is appealing to tourists and locals . The property lends itself to massive expansion and development due to its prime and convenient location. Depending on the scale of this development the income from such expansion will be greatly increased , this will however require a capital investment but will not be without substantial return, based on historical and current income on the entity.

Is there a full asset list on file?
Yes, a full asset list is on file, namely the property, itself, the improvements on the property, the 2 canopies covering the pumps. The fittings and fixtures at the filling station are included with the exception of the petrol pumps and the underground tanks which belong to the current petroleum provider and are not included in the sale. The assets of fittings and fixture in both the bottle store and take away are included. The stock in the shops is not included unless another agreement stating otherwise is made with the seller on this matter. However the tanks in the filling station will be drained of their fuel and cleared and any stock thereon must be paid for separately.

What is the overview of the business.
The business is one of the most sought after sites in Mpumalanga and is appealing to tourist and locals alike as a pit stop for their petrol , food and refreshment . The site is located on route to one the most famous touristic sites in South Africa and has sufficient pumps to satisfy volumes of vehicles at once. included in the sale are 3 businesses, one of them a filling station, one a bottle store, one a cafe along with their assets and income, there is 1, 4107 hectares of prime property with improvements of shops on and rental income from 9 businesses all of which comprise this compliment being offered for sale. The complex has prime position and the pumps enjoy good liters passing through them. The cosmetics of the complex itself can defiantly benefit with a cosmetic revamp. There is ample space to add and develop on the property. The development of the complex will defiantly be an additional draws card to passing traffic. This will obviously be a cost to company to accomplish this.

What is the monthly liters?
The monthly liter pumped from the station is between 340,000 and 400,000. The seller also obtains additional income per liters due to him owning the premises.

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