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Franchised Opportunity for Building & Roof Repairs & Maintenance Lowveld

KwaZulu-Natal, Lowveld
Mandate 31504
Added 11 Oct 2017
R 590,000* ZAR
Stock: R 0
Assets: R 200,000
R 38,083 ZAR
Debbie Sardoz
Aldes Lowveld

Ideal business for an existing handy man to expand his local footprint on or a young aspiring entrepreneur who is handy with fixing and finding solutions and wanting to own his own business, all made easier by being part of this reputable franchise and having their support and knowledge to assist him.

Franchised Opportunity for Building & Roof Repairs & Maintenance Lowveld
R 590,000* ZAR
Stock: R0
Assets: R200,000
R 38,083 ZAR

Ideal business for an existing handy man to expand his local footprint on or a young aspiring entrepreneur who is handy with fixing and finding solutions and wanting to own his own business, all made easier by being part of this reputable franchise and having their support and knowledge to assist him.

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Fully describe the business's activities?
The business is franchised concept incorporating solutions for solving building maintenance field and related building problem scenarios within the industrial building and general public market and is fully conversant with all aspects of waterproofing and maintenance with use of enviro friendly products and systems which carry guarantees, are members of FASA since 1998 along with being members of the franchising association of Australia and New Zealand. The franchise is an approved Waterproofing applicator with knowledgeable skills training on the full range of waterproofing products in SA. The franchise is also the African agent for some abroad waterproofing products. In addition the franchisor manufactures their own waterproofing products which they utilize and distribute. Over the past 28 years the franchisor has acquired extensive and comprehensive knowledge of providing solutions for all types of waterproofing and building maintenance related problems which he is now able to share with all his franchisees enabling them to confidently provide professional solutions for all and every building maintenance related problem.

How long has the franchisor had the business?
The franchisor established the business 28 years ago and has over 12 branches country wide.

How does the business operate on a daily basis?
The business operates on a daily basis by servicing and supplying the building industry with professional specialized evaluations, advice, solutions and attendance to all waterproofing and building maintenance and painting issues with the aid of their quality products and applications on all building and waterproofing and painting related problems. The prospective franchisee will enjoy the franchisors back up service, the trade mark reputable name under which to trade, the franchisors manufactured products the franchisors training and providing the franchisee with their solutions and systems as well as the franchisors entire business concept. Amongst some of the products the franchise has to offer the franchisee use and knowledge of use on are ,pure acrylic sealers, crack and hole fillers, ultra-premium roof coating, cement sealer and bonding liquid, specially formulated pure acrylic wall coating, ceramic based high heat refractive coating, water based non drip enamel, water based wood sealer, masonry water repellent, anti-rust primer, hydrophobic compound, 3 and 4 mm waterproofing membrane, mineral slate waterproofing membrane, silvakote acrylic coating

What Advertising/Marketing is carried out?
The franchisor is responsible for all national marketing and advertising and advertising campaigns. The franchisor has exposed the franchise name and brand with high profile advertising in numerous agricultural magazines, newspapers, yellow pages, radio and other such social media platforms throughout SA. The franchise has also appeared on television advising and successfully resolving issue with waterproofing problems. The respective franchisees at store level undertake their own local advertising; this however needs final approval from the franchisor. The brand has become a house hold name in the building maintenance industry.

Do you require a office?
The franchise opportunity does not require premises initially. The potential franchisee can work from home until the business requires bigger premises. The business is not reliant on visibility, rather on advertising and word of mouth. The franchisee will require 1 suitable vehicle and a staff compliment of between 3 and 12 as the business expands.

What is included in th purchase of the franchise?
The franchisor will provide training to an approved franchisee. The travel to the training will be for the franchisees account. Initial startup costs including the cost of the franchise and includes basic plant equipment and products which will be supplied when payment for the franchise is received. The amounts payable R590,000 in respect of the joining fee, the basic equipment and product , training, access to intellectual property, supply of work detail manuals, the franchisors willing to shared intellectual property knowledge and disclosure document , a year’s subscription to SEESA Labor consultants and Master builders Association, including their safety training. The plant and equipment includes 1x high pressure washer with dirt blazer nozzle, airless spray machine with hose and gun, heavy duty core extensions, drill, angle grinder, damp/ metal/ voltage detector, dry thickness gauge, color chart, paint and product mixer, toll box with all necessary start up tools required to begin with, propane gas gun, 9kg fire extinguisher, safety harness and equipment, 2,6 m aluminum telescopic ladder, aluminum A frame 3in 1extension ladder, 1x 6m and 9 m aluminum extension ladder, 10x sections of scaffolding with 4 planks and cross and tie brace and 4 150mm Nylon castors. The products supplied include 60ltx W112 acrylic sealer, 30 rolls 20mx100mm membrane, 10 rolls 20x200mm, 10 rolls 300mm, 5 x20m rolls polyfelt membrane, 60ltx w119 cement sealer and bonding liquid, 10lt wilbond, 40ltxw290masonary water repellent, 80xw120 high build white acrylic coating ,40ltxws4 anti rust primer, 1x 20lt silvakote, 1x box of 12w113 crack and hole filler tubes, 20 rollsx4mm dual reinforced waterproofing membrane, 1x25lt bitumen primer, 12x fix-all. Office equipment comprises 1x digital recorder, 1x battery charger, 1x PC capable of running the franchise software, window computer operating system, Microsoft office software, pastel accounting express, standard printer/fax/ copier, 2xwhite board markers. The stationary included is 1x box white A4 paper, 500 business cards, company stamp, and the 3 operating manual’s. The advertising includes 50 card board signs, signage for the franchisees bakkie, 10x branded golf shirts, 10x T shirts and 5x 2 piece overalls. The franchisee will have to supply his own vehicle, premises/ or work from home, any and all office furniture. The franchisee must supply their own insurance relevant to the industry. The franchisee fees are 5% of net turnover, 2.5% for advertising and in the franchisees first year he will have to contribute to the national advertising that the franchisor undertakes on Google etc and head office admin. The franchise fees are payable by the 5th day of each month and stock purchased from the franchisee must be paid for in 30 days. The contract between franchisee and franchisor is for a 5 year period and is for a designated geographical area .The franchisor will offer support in the training and on the system, introduction to and negotiations with the suppliers, advise on recruiting, advertising, business planning, quotations, regular regional franchise meetings, group advertising and the general assistance on the opening of the franchised branch. Ongoing support to the franchisee is offered as it is imperative to the franchisor that the franchisee is successful and is well equipped and represented to carry the brand forward.

The overview of the business.
The opportunity presetting itself is to own and operate a franchise in the Lowveld which offers the services of supply and attend to the maintenance, repairs and waterproofing within all sectors of the building / mortar industry with the backing and support of the franchisors unsurpassed knowledge and proven products to aid and assist. A 12 month cash flow forecast of performance and expectation is attached to provide the prospective franchisee a basic guide line.

The criteria for a suitable franchisee.
The franchisor requires the prospective franchisee who will ultimately be representing the brand name, to be hands on in their business/ owner operated or at least a 50% stokehold in the business, a peoples person who communicates well with clients on all levels, a keen desire for providing professional solutions to problem solving, have personal qualities of honesty, integrity, be motivated and have a basic skill set of knowledge in repairs and maintenance of structures under roof. The franchisee is expected to operate a 5 day week from 7:30 to 4:30. The franchisee is required to be fully conversant with the setting up and running of the business.

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Aldes Lowveld

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