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Holiday Resort 60 minutes from Kruger National Park SA

Mpumalanga, Lowveld
Mandate 31566
Added 21 Jan 2018
R 12,000,000* ZAR
Stock: R 0
Assets: R 11,304,241
R 4,076 ZAR
Debbie Sardoz
Aldes Lowveld

Strong asset base, good investment opportunity, holiday resort, offering a variety of optional accommodation, good retail compliment with generous income and substantial extra earning potential.

Holiday Resort 60 minutes from Kruger National Park SA
R 12,000,000* ZAR
Stock: R0
Assets: R11,304,241
R 4,076 ZAR

Strong asset base, good investment opportunity, holiday resort, offering a variety of optional accommodation, good retail compliment with generous income and substantial extra earning potential.

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Fully describe this property and its income earning activities.
The business opportunity comprises property of 9, 1187 hectares within a close proximity of Nelspruit, comfortable lodge accommodation, with shops, a supermarket, venue hire, Caravan Park, chalets and residential dwellings. The business generates its income from the accommodation and businesses operating and renting premises on the property.

What is the zoning of the property and what can be developed thereon?
The property has subdivision rights into 3 portions measuring respectively 3,2543 ha, 2,7179 ha and 3, 1933 ha. Zoning of Primary land use ,”Special and Business” ,retail and ancillary .Portion 1 business, zoning portion 2 “ Special “ holiday resort, caravan park, overnight accommodation facilities, portion 3 “Special” dwellings. There is servitude over the property.

Are there building plans available?
Yes there are plans available

What is the erf size and the size of the buildings?
Erf size 9.1187 hectares . Retail 830 sqm , conference/ venue hire 760 sqm , office 60 sqm , ablutions 282 sqm , chalets 750, sqm, rondavels 500 sqm, house 1 110 sqm , house 2 and 3 120 sqm house 4 110 sqm, houses 5 and 6 300 sqm.

Is a property valuation available?
Yes, there is a fair market related property valuation on file undertaken in 2014.

How long has the current owner had the business
The current owner has had the business for the past 15 years.

How does the business operate on a daily basis
The seller is selling the whole property with all the improvements and 2 businesses in the retail section of the property which she owns and operates herself. The investment offering comprises prime valuable land of 9, 1187 hectares, all the improvements of the property comprising 14 self-catering chalets furnished, which can sleep 4 people, 1 double bed and 1 double sleeper couch, fully equipped kitchen with microwave, 2 plate stove , bar fridge, TV and e-TV and bathroom with shower and towels . 10 x Rondavels, sleeps 6 people, 2 single beds or 1 double bed with 2 bunkers, his is ideal for group bookings. Each unit has a bathroom with shower or bath, 6 residential homes (not furnished), some provide rental income currently to the business and the others that are occupied can and will become income earning for the new prospective owner, .The caravan and camping park comprising 20 stands equipped with electrical points plus ablution block and braai facilities with beautiful gardens , swimming pool and trampoline for the kids to enjoy. 1 x laundry, 1 x workshop, an office, an equipped function / event hire premises, a site for a satellite post office, 4 x retail shops and the income generated from 2 of these retail shops which belong to the seller along with the assets in these 2 shops. The retail section measure 830 sqm, the conference venue hire measure 760 sqm, the office 60 sqm, the ablutions measures 282sqm, the chalets measures 750sqm, the rondavels measure 500sqm, house 1 measure 110 sqm, house 2 measure 120 sqm, house 3 measure 120 sqm, house 4 measure 110 sqm, house 5 and 6 measures 300 sqm. The beautiful swimming pool and the property lend itself favorably for nature lover’s. The units are kept exceptionally clean and the gardens are pristine. There is a 2 bedroom log cabin for the onsite employees. There is a small section of property which is rented out and the seller enjoys a small monthly income from this as well.

Is the business VAT Registered?

What VAT documentation is on file?
the financials for 2013/ 2014/ 2015/ 2016 and 2017

What Balance Sheet and Income Statements are available?
On file readily available for perusal to a qualified serious buyer is the 2013/2014/ 2015/ 2016/2017 audited financial statements and the management accounts up and until July 2017.

What is the age analysis of the debtors book?
There are no debtors

How could the income of the property be increased?
The income of the business can be increased substantially by marketing , adverting and promoting the various nodes of accommodation to schools nationally and tourist visiting the scenic Lowveld. Introducing some new businesses into the retail section like fast food franchised store , laundromat etc. The owners family occupies most of the residential homes on the resort and once the resort is sold the new owner can rent these out and have the rental income and less expense on the electricity . the venue/ conference facility is favorably suitable for weddings as the accommodation is on site and the venue surrounding are scenic, this can be promoted to function planners.the convenience store can be developed into a bigger supermarket as the demand is there.

What rental deposit has been secured from the tenants?
This information will be available to a prospective buyer

What is the staff compilment
The staff comprises cleaning and maintenance staff of the chalets, rondavels and caravan park .The businesses has operational staff. The owner is hands on and manages the staff, the lodge, the admin and the businesses. A full list of the staff, their duties and remuneration will be supplied on request to an interested qualified buyer.

Who is the Owner/Landlord?
The property is privately owned by the seller and is incorporated into the CC. The power is supplied by Eskom. There is 3 phase connection. Sewerage is by means of septic tanks and French Drains .Water is obtained by 1 fully functional borehole and the dam collects the run-off water for agricultural and garden use.

What are the main assets of the business?
the main assets of the business is the land and improvements, the fittings, linen and appliances in the chalets and rondavels as well as the operational assets in the convenience shop

Are any items not included in the sale?
Fridges belonging to the beverage and ice ream suppliers

What is their overall condition?
Good working condition , neat and clean .Cosmetically acceptably presentable

Do any require repairing?
Not currently

How have they been valued ?
Market related

Are they presently insured?

Is there an asset list on file
Yes, there is an asset list on file. the asset of the property itself and the improvements on the property are included in the sale and purchase price of the business along with the assets of furniture in the chalets and rondavels, the maintenance assets of the property are included, the assets in the conference center are included and the operational assets of the 2 businesses are included .The assets are all fully paid for and are in a good presentable condition. There are some assets belonging to some suppliers like cold rink and ice cream fridges. The assets are insured. The assets of the furnishing and appliances of the residential units are the personal property of the occupants of these units and are not included in the sale of the business.

Overview of the business
The business has prime location with high visibility along route to the touristic ally famous Kruger National Park. On route, the property offers a lush and picturesque view of the citrus valley. Having a variety of accommodation to offer the business has well perceived extra earning potential merely by vision and implementation of marketing and advertising the facilities of the conference/ wedding venue along with the other nodes of accommodation which it has to offer. These are totally underutilized. The residential homes can bring in more income by placing paying tenants therein. The shops / retail section can be upgraded by adding a franchised food outlet and other tourist attractive pit stops .The businesses the seller owns and operates currently provide a good source of income however these too can be developed upon and additional service lines offered. The populace in the surrounding area provides a captive market for the businesses set on the premises .The entire operational entity has several pivotal points of income which have not been exploited to any near their capable income earning capacity, the reason for this is the seller is elderly and wish to retire so she has not invested any further interest in accomplishing this. This is an idea investment opportunity for a large and extended family scenario that can also live on the premises.

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