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Andre Botha
Andre Botha
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Andre has over 35 years' business experience in both the Wholesale and Retail distribution channels, within the Automotive Aftermarket Parts, Industrial Bearings, and Forklift industries. With product distribution on a national basis and into Southern African countries daily, he gained extensive knowledge in the fields of logistics and supply chain management.
For a two year period, Andre spent time as a Consultant for a listed company, investigating and proposing expansion opportunities into Africa and the Middle East for the automotive parts industry.
His passion for the stock market got him involved in the art of derivative trading, where he was exposed to various industries, as well as the analysing and evaluation of companies trading on the JSE.
As part of an Executive management team responsible for huge budgets, he gained valuable experience in the various aspects that make a business tick and pay the bills. Andre was also privileged to learn from and work with some of South Africa’s leading business people.
The rollout and management of a retail franchise group, together with a group of wholly owned branches for one of the major brands in the Automotive Parts Market today, was one of his most challenging and enjoyable periods over the years.
Through franchising, he was able to work closer and understand some of the daily challenges that entrepreneurs (owner run operations) face in the market place, assisting them in achieving profitability and pooling their resources under one banner.
Brand building through various media in the market was also one of the biggest and most costly challenges he faced, but also the most rewarding in the long run.
In conjunction with the (HEC) Business School and the Institute of Superior Commercial Business Studies in France, he was awarded a Diploma by the (CCIP) Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Paris, in 1991.

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