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Jolyon Irwin
Jolyon Irwin
BA (Econ) - MBA
Aldes Namibia
Windhoek, Kleine Kuppe
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Jolyon Irwin BA (Econ) Trinity College, Dublin; MBA (UCT) (Non-Executive Director IJG and Aldes Namibia)

Jolyon founded IJG in 1996 and was the MD until the sale of IJG to point Break in 2006. During that period Jolyon built IJG up from a start up competing with HSBC, ABN Amro and Huysamer Stals to become the leading Namibian stockbroking business offering a wide range of services including institutional broking, corporate finance and advisory, money market and fixed income dealing, research (including developing several Namibian indexes that have become benchmarks) and private clients. Jolyon was also instrumental in the establishment and listing of the Stimulus private equity vehicle in a JV with point Break and was a Member of the NSX and the JSE. Following the sale of IJG in 2006 Jolyon moved to Mauritius to focus on various unlisted equity opportunities and develop a structured finance business. Jolyon returned to Africa in 2012 and acquired a stake in IJG again. Currently he is involved in developing corporate finance and advisory opportunities.

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