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Mandi Labuschagne
Mandi Labuschagne
Aldes Atlantic
Western Cape, Cape Town
0 active mandates

Mandi has had quite an exciting journey from growing up on a farm near the Drakensberg, various careers to being a successful Business Broker in Cape Town. Aldes Atlantic is a dynamic, multi-award winning Franchise and Mandi has been part of this team since 2012 as “the rose amongst the thorns” where she received the award for Best Performing Newcomer. Says Mandi, "I love my job! Over the past 5 years Aldes Atlantic has been the Best Performing Franchise in the country and I'm happy and feel privileged to be part of My Team, as well as the National Team!" She doesn't give up easily and doing business with her will certainly be anything but boring! Registered with EAAB Applicable Qualifications: CEA CCIB NQF4

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