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Richard Hoff
Richard Hoff
Aldes Namibia
Windhoek, Kleine Kuppe
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The “who” greatly determines the success of a venture.
Each venture is unique, much like people are unique.
Identifying the attributes of a venture gives insight to identifying the people needed to unlock the maximum potential of the opportunity and the resources required. The greatest risk and therefore the greatest reward come from identifying the people to realize the vision.
Like a puzzle, when all the parts are put together in the right place, the result is a new creation, a creation greater than the sum of its parts.

Business and deal-making in Namibia is my instrument through which I build relationships. Through experience I have found this region and my skills to serve as the greatest advantage to stakeholders. Understanding the needs of my clients, understanding the local business environment and having a keen sense for spotting opportunities brings success.

This is where I thrive.

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