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  • Mandate: 31456
  • Added: 14 Nov 2018
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Franchised restaurant & take out

Gauteng, Johannesburg
Mandate 31456
Added 14 Nov 2018
R 4,200,000* ZAR
Stock: R 50,000
Assets: R 1,000,000
R 181,467 ZAR
Louis Aucamp
Aldes Pro

Well established franchised restaurant & take out. Core menu is Pizza & pasta but wide range of other items offered. Highly profitable, good location.60% delivery & take out. 2 Managers in place.

Franchised restaurant & take out
R 4,200,000* ZAR
Stock: R50,000
Assets: R1,000,000
R 181,467 ZAR

Well established franchised restaurant & take out. Core menu is Pizza & pasta but wide range of other items offered. Highly profitable, good location.60% delivery & take out. 2 Managers in place.

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Fully describe the business's activities?
This recently renovated franchised retaurant and take out is part of a well know Pizza/Pasta franchise group. The business also has a wide variety of other dishes which therefore draws a wider client base. The business is in a local centre in a well established high LSM suburb. There are a large number of high density complexes in the immediate area. There are also a number of businesses. Visibility is also very high due to the centre facing onto a major arterial route. The business offers eat in, take away and deliveries so caters to a very wide client base.

How long has the business been established?
10 year

How long has the owner had the business?
Since 2015 when the business was fully revamped and the restaurant side of the business opened

How does the business operate on a daily basis?
Sales are fairly evenly split between sit down, take out and deliveries. Business opens at 10h00. Most goods come via franchisor deliveries 3 times pw. Owner and wife actively in the business.

How are the clients attracted to the business?
The brand is well known, the business is well established and has many returning clients, drive by exposure and the marketing.

What Advertising/Marketing is carried out?
Old clients are on a database sms programme and received regular news, specials etc. Flyers are also distibuted. Business is also on head office web site.

Does the business have any contract work?
Due to age, location, brand there are many repeat customers.

What competition exists?
There is no competing "Italian" restaurant in the immediate area. There are a few competitors in the broader area.

What are the seasonal trends?
Due to business continuing to grow trend identification is difficult.

Is the business VAT Registered?

What Balance Sheet and Income Statements are available?
All info is available via the in store POS.

How could the profitability of the business be improved?
Continue to market.

What is the total staff complement?
17 staff, 3 waitrons,4 pizza makers, 2 grillers, 1 pasta maker,1 salad maker, 1 sculler, 1 barman, 1 supervisor, 2 scooter drivers, then casuals as needed.

How involved is the Owner in running the business?
2 managers allow for the owner to manage the business witallowing for the owner to have flexible working times.

When does the current lease end?

Is there an option of renewal & what period?
Yes 5 years

What is the annual escalation %?

What are the trading hours?
10-10 M-Sun

What is the square meters of the business?

Is a copy of the lease available?

Do you require a licence?
Yes liquor

What lease deposit and/or other surety is required?
Currently 1 month.

What are the main assets of the business?
Kitchen equipment, furniture, POS, fridges, freezers, stoves, scooters

What is their overall condition?
Business renovate 2 years ago. Equipment etc. in very good condition.

Are they presently insured?

Well established, income from 3 streams, good franchise, very profitable, high LSM clients, near to flats, complexes etc. loyal clients


To offer breakfast, extend marketing area

Only those associated with the economy.

What is the reason for the sale?
Seller wants to take a break, and relocate to the coast

Why is this a good business?
Well established, highly profitable, very well priced, trained staff, good franchise.

What is the price plus stock and the profit?
R3,450,000 plus stock. This business is a steal at the price.

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