A Franchise Business For Sale

A Franchise Business for Sale You Don’t Want to Ignore.

A Franchise Business for Sale You Don’t Want to Ignore


A franchise business for sale offers several benefits. For one, this type of operating model is a great way to build a profitable venture without the risk of starting from scratch. The venture continues to earn revenue even while you're not there. However, we understand that most people don't know where to look for these opportunities and that's why we're here. We offer help and guidance throughout the entire process: from evaluating your needs and interests to selling your current venture and purchasing a new one.


Find a broker near you now to help you determine which franchise business for sale matches your income requirements, operating style, location, available capital, experience and interests.


Want to know which opportunities are available right now? Then try our new search facility to locate the perfect franchise business for sale. To get you started, let’s look at some of the latest opportunities in South Africa.


Car service outlet


Get in on the profitability of vehicle service centres by joining one of the largest and most reputable brands in the industry. You receive technical and practical support, ongoing and high-quality training on the group’s products and systems, and the benefit of national branding done for you. If you have worked in the vehicle servicing industry, vehicle parts sales, or vehicle dealerships, then this type of franchise business for sale is the right match for you.


Alternative to painting for home revamping


Innovative technologies and genius approaches to maintenance have made this product possible. Now you can be part of a growing new concept. Instead of paint application, which costs thousands every few years, homeowners can now make use of quality 9 mm fired clay brick tiles to revamp their home interior or exterior.   This type of opportunity is for you if you have worked in the maintenance industry before or are passionate about offering contractors a product that’s superior to conventional paint products.


New gym concept


The fitness industry is as strong as it has ever been. But people want to become and stay fit without having to spend hours every day doing so. This concept is tried and proven. It’s made for now and the future of gym workouts. You will offer people a fast and effective way to improve their physical health and body shape with a gym product that’s unique, and which will only take 20 minutes of their time a week. This opportunity is the right match for you if you’re passionate about wellness, fitness and improving life quality. It’s even a better fit if you are a trainer, athlete, or someone with experience in the fitness industry.


Business advisory and support offering


Do you work in a corporate environment and want to coach others in growing their companies? If you want a predictable income, exceptional revenue-generating prospects and the opportunity to share your accounting, entrepreneurial, leadership, or strategic planning knowledge, then you’ll want to consider this opportunity.


To conclude


These are only examples of the many types of franchise businesses for sale that you might not have known to exist. Find similar and other unique opportunities like these by using our search facility.