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Why Consider a Bottled Water Franchise Business for Sale?

Why Consider a Bottled Water Franchise Business for Sale?


If you are looking for a franchise business for sale within an affordable price range, then you will appreciate the potential of a water bottling franchise outlet.


Water is fast becoming one of the most popular and in-demand consumer commodities in South Africa. Municipal water supply systems struggle to keep up with the growing population and funds remain limited to ensure upgrades and maintenance of these water supply systems.


The growing fear of pollutants and contaminants in the drinking water is one of the main reasons so many people buy bottled water. In most instances, the bottled water franchise business for sale opportunities are for outlets where the municipal water is filtered and then supplied in bottled form.


Apart from selling sealed bottled water, such franchise outlets also supply refills of empty containers as supplied by customers. Since water is something that one uses daily, these outlets have almost guaranteed return customers. Many have loyalty cards in place with rewards, such as every tenth bottle of a 5 l refill being free. The incentives help to retain existing customers, while also serving to draw in new ones.


People living on farms and even urban residents with boreholes in their gardens also buy bottled or filtered water from the franchise outlets. The borehole water is often not potable or when potable, not very tasty.


Health-conscious individuals, who want to reduce exposure to chlorine in water, sometimes buy directly from such outlets because they can have the chlorine removed or at least have reduced levels of such in their drinking water. Many people purchase the bottled or refilled bottle water because of the reverse osmosis systems used in cleaning the water.


When thus looking for a business for sale, consider buying into a concept that caters to a recurring market. The bottled water franchise business for sale offers a profitable model. With branding done by the franchisor, the outlets have superb credibility with customers. Locations are chosen based on aspects, such as foot traffic in the area, the demand for clean water, and the income levels of patrons.


Profit margins are reasonable and many such franchise businesses for sale are well-established. With business plans in place, training provided, a uniform look and feel already established, and licensing applications easier with a well-established brand name as an umbrella, these opportunities are perfect for people who want turnkey business solutions.


We have listings for bottled water franchises for sale, giving you the opportunity to get into the fast-growing water supply industry. Finance options are often available. The initial capital layout is small in comparison with many other types of business models. You do not need experience in the bottled water or refill industry as training is provided.


Ongoing support and the opportunity to be part of a trusted brand family are more reasons to consider this type of opportunity. View our listings in this regard and register to receive full information about the relevant franchise business for sale.