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Why Buy a Franchise Business as Opposed to Starting Your Own?


Why look for a franchise business for sale as opposed to starting your own business in South Africa? Considering the costs of starting up and the time it takes to build a brand, it might make sense to some to look for a franchise business for sale.


The above is especially true if you have never been self-employed before, but have certain skills which can be used in the particular franchise model. Below are six reasons not to ignore the next advertisement for a franchise business for sale.


1.     Proven Business Model


The franchisor provides you with a proven business model. It has stood the test of time and you can thus immediately enter the market. There will be manuals, policies, and training plans in place.


2.     You Are Still the Boss


True, when you start your own business, you are the boss and do not have to report to anyone. However, you also do not have the support and expertise offered by the franchise organisation and management. With a franchise business, you are still the boss, but your business forms part of a franchise group. You will own the business, manage it, and make the important decisions, but you will also have a model for decision-making.


3.     Group Advertising


A large percentage of your start-up capital goes into marketing. Even though you pay royalties to the franchisor to use the brand, trade under its model, and benefit from its marketing plans, the group advertising is certainly beneficial. You might not be able to compete with television ads, large billboards, brochures, point-of-sale materials, and promotions of large established companies if you start a small business.


However, when you sign on the dot for the franchise business for sale, you become part of an organisation that is able to compete favourably with large corporations. The franchisor can provide group advertising, such as a website, social media platform, branded clothing, banners, online advertising, and even national television ads and promotions.


Your business will benefit from being able to use proven trademarks. In addition, you will get access and usage rights of proprietary information, such as the recipes for a particular fast-food product, so you can sell products that are already trusted by consumers.


4.     Access to Training


A franchise comes with another benefit. You and your employees will have access to training to ensure that you know how to operate the machinery, provide the particular service, or create the sales product. You will have set standards of operation, thus giving you consistency in quality.


5.     Operational Support


You will get technical and operational support from the moment you buy the franchise. This means having a support team to help you make decisions and to develop your management capabilities within a larger infrastructure.


6.     Geographical Area


You will receive a geographical area for exclusive operation, preventing other businesses from the same franchisor from competing in the area. This will help you to establish your customer market without having to compete against one of the other franchise businesses.


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