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Amazing Franchises for Sale Across South Africa

Mention franchises for sale and immediately one thinks of a fast-food franchise. True, such businesses are popular, but many other types of franchises are also available. If you are considering purchasing a franchise, consider these:


·       Your interests, skills, and experience.

·       Available time to manage operations.

·       Upfront capital layout.

·       Working capital needed.

·       How much do you need as your owner benefit?

·       Where are you located?


Once you have answers to the above, you are in a better position to consider the merits of each franchise for sale. We briefly introduce some of the opportunities, which may be available at present or become available in future, thus providing insight into the wide range of opportunities available.


Beauty/Hair & Nail Salon


If you are passionate about the beauty industry, then you will appreciate the features of this type of franchise for sale. Apart from it being part of a larger brand group, it offers you the benefit of an existing client base. Buying into such an opportunity affords you the benefit of the brand credibility, manuals, proven products and methods, high-quality equipment, training, and superb support. The beauty industry is growing at a rapid rate, so these types of opportunities in urban areas have excellent growth and profit potential.




Being part of a larger brand, trusted by South Africans, holds the benefit of credibility. National advertising is done for you and patrons support the brand name because they associate it with consistency in food quality, service delivery, and experiences. This is what you buy into when you become part of the franchise. Whether you opt for a seafood restaurant on the Garden Route or a steakhouse brand in Pretoria, you will benefit from training, support, national brand advertising, help with layout and décor, and trusted products.


Automobile Services


Do you have experience in the automotive service industry? Perhaps you have a qualification relevant to vehicle servicing or sales? If so, and you are passionate about the industry, you will appreciate the profit-generating capacity and growth potential of this type of franchise for sale.


Virtual Entertainment


Are you creative? Do you appreciate the potential income from entertainment? Do you love technology and working with people? Whether you are a hands-on person or prefer to delegate decision-making to your managers, this is an opportunity not to be missed. Because virtual reality is still new, it has exceptional growth potential and is considered the next level in entertainment.


Used Goods and Loans to the Public


Become part of a well-known brand family. With this type of franchise, you have a retail setup, products to sell, a system for purchases and valuation, and a loan business. It is a proven concept that is well-supported throughout South Africa.


The above types of franchises for sale are only examples of the many opportunities that you can explore. Use our search facility to find the right business for sale and complete the online form for more information. We look forward to assisting you.