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Why a Second-Hand Goods Retail Business for Sale is Perfect for You

Why a Second-Hand Goods Retail Business for Sale is Perfect for You


Are you looking for a retail business for sale? Consider the following before you decide:


·         Hours of operation

·         Staffing requirements

·         Location and foot count

·         Established client base

·         Potential for growth

·         What is the current owner benefit?

·         Assets forming part of the sale

·         Existing lease terms

·         Years in operation

·         Your available cash for operational expenses

·         Training provided

·         Demand for the particular product or service

·         Whether direct owner involvement is essential

·         Industry regulations for the particular type of business

·         Distance from your home


Each business for sale is unique. To this end, making use of an experienced business broker to help get answers on the aspects listed, can help you to save money and find the ideal retail store for sale. One retail model that has been proven through and through as successful is that of the second-hand goods and short-term loan retail store. From time to time, such retail business for sale opportunities come along. Perhaps not as glamorous as a fine-dining restaurant or a guesthouse operation, this type of business for sale holds several benefits:


·         Easy to operate

·         Superb expansion possibilities

·         Highly profitable model

·         Supported by a large target audience

·         Straightforward business model

·         Reasonable operating hours

·         Direct or indirect owner involvement

·         In-demand products and services

·         Relatively low entry level capital layout

·         Finance often available

·         Several assets included in the sale

·         Not having to deal with perishable goods

·         Can be operated during load shedding periods

·         Normally located in a mall or location with high foot traffic

·         Normally located in a building with nearby parking available


Pawn shops are among the types of retail outlets that can outlive slow economic periods. Indeed, a large part of the revenue generation comes from lending against assets. With such being short-term loans, relatively high interest rates apply.


Products are purchased at low cost and sold at prices below that of new products. People perceive items they buy in pawn shops as bargains, even when they only pay slightly less than for new ones. As such, the return market is a given. At the same time, the risk of loss when lending money to customers against their assets is low since the pawn price offered is usually 30% to maximum 50% of the item value. Even if the customer fails to pay for the item can it be sold at a profit.


If you are looking for a lucrative business model, consider a pawn retail store for sale as listed at our website. Register to gain access to more information on a particular retail business for sale or contact us directly for help in finding an opportunity that matches your expectations, budget, and requirements.