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Small Business For Sale from Aldes Business Brokers - Here's How to Find Small Businesses for Sale in South Africa

How to Find Small Businesses for Sale in South Africa


You don’t need millions to start or buy a business. With many small businesses for sale, you can enter the entrepreneurial world without breaking the bank in the process. Maybe you just want a small business for an extra income. Perhaps you are looking for a retail store, bakery, or perhaps a cellphone business. Regardless of your interests, you will be impressed with the range of small businesses for sale.


Of course, before you browse, narrow down your requirements in terms of:


·         Business model

·         Budget limit

·         Size of the business

·         Types of products or services offered

·         Location

·         Special requirements


To do the above, you need to establish the following:


·         Are you looking for small businesses for sale, requiring direct ownership involvement?

·         Do you want something that can be automated, such as a website?

·         How much time are you willing to spend working in the business?

·         Where are you located?

·         If you find an opportunity far from your current location, are you willing to relocate?

·         How many people should the business support?

·         Which industries interest you the most?

·         How do you plan to buy the business?

·         Do you want a small business operating as part of a franchise group?

·         Do you want a small business, which you can build up and sell three or four years from now?

·         Do you require financing?

·         How much start-up capital do you have at present?

·         How much do you want to take as owner’s benefit monthly?

·         What is your long-term goal with the opportunity?


After you have answered the questions above, you will have a clearer understanding of the types of small businesses that will interest you. Next, register on our website to receive email updates on small businesses for sale and to access more information. Validate your financial position to show sellers you qualify and are serious about finding a relevant business for sale.


Keep in mind that many sellers are only willing to disclose their financial statements to qualified buyers. They do not want browsers and have proprietary information to protect. By having documents such as proof of income, proof of residence, and bank statements available, you are in a better position to make an offer to purchase.


The types of small businesses for sale range from fast-food outlets to pop-up restaurants, car wash facilities, e-commerce sites, retail stores, printing shops, and bakeries. Once you are ready to make an offer, have a copy of your ID at hand and be prepared to undergo a credit check if you wish to obtain a loan for buying a particular business.


Financing options range from overdraft facilities, investor loans, and crowdfunding, to owner finance, and personal or business loans. To this end, the business plan is important. We offer you guidance in acquiring financing and assist in locating a business that matches your requirements.


Don’t just dream it. Buy it. Start by browsing our range of small businesses for sale and follow the steps to register for updates.