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Top Affordable Small Business for Sale Opportunities

Top Affordable Small Business for Sale Opportunities


Do you enjoy working with people and have a passion for the restaurant industry? If so, consider the top small business for sale opportunities in the industry as listed in our portfolio. Coffee and fast-food ventures are also popular, especially in the city areas close to universities and colleges. To this end, you will appreciate our comprehensive offering of small businesses for sale.


We have small business for sale opportunities starting at prices as low as R40 000. And with as little R100 000, you can get a foothold in the retail, education, newsletter, or travel industry. Want to venture into the beauty industry without a large capital layout? Consider buying an existing nail bar with a loyal customer base.


How to Know Which Opportunities Are Right for You


Determine what you need as owner’s benefit. Look for a small business for sale that can provide the income needed. Also consider how much time you have available to manage operations. Decide whether you prefer a venture in which you can appoint managers to handle day-to-day operations or whether you want something that is small enough for one or two people.


In the latter instance, consider a venture, such as a profitable food truck. By buying an existing food truck, you are able to start operating immediately instead of having to wait until the necessary permits and certificates are in place. Such include the gas compliance, acceptability of the truck for selling of food, trailer or truck road worthy certificate, fire safety certificate, and the relevant municipality approval to operate the truck at specific locations.


Obtaining such permits and certificates takes time, and during the period, you cannot operate. As such, when you buy a food truck or trailer with the above in place, you can start operating immediately and generate income to recoup your investment.


If you want a venture in which you can appoint qualified managers and personnel, consider something like a video store, salon, education centre, newsletter service, or training and skills development facility.


Which Documents and Information to Have Ready


Even before you look for a small business for sale, get the following ready:


·         Bank statements

·         Salary slips where relevant

·         Proof of residence

·         Copy of your ID


Determine how much you have available for purchasing the venture and for operational costs. Having the above information available will help to speed up the process of finding and buying a venture that suits your needs regarding:


·         Capital requirements.

·         Income generating potential.

·         Location

·         Size of the venture

·         Management model

·         Field of interest


If you have the required documents in place, it becomes easier to complete the purchase process.


Where to Find the Best Opportunities?


Browse through our comprehensive portfolio of small businesses for sale. Use the filter options to choose a region, price range, and industry. Once you have found one that interests you, register online to gain access to more information about the opportunity. Next, get in touch for professional broker assistance.