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Small Businesses for Sale – Mobile Enterprises with Huge Potential


Are you in the market for a small business for sale? Read on to discover which small mobile businesses have the potential to be extremely profitable.


Why Consider a Mobile Business for Sale?


We’re not referring to cellphone or mobile device companies, although businesses in the mobile device market are popular. Instead, we are referring to enterprises on wheels. These include ones that bring services to their clients, instead of the client having to travel to the service provider.


Car Repair Services on Wheels


These businesses can perform annual maintenance services and even complicated repairs. The inconvenience of having to wait for vehicle repairs at a workshop or having to rent a vehicle for the day while waiting is why mobile car repair services are so popular. If you have a technical background, experience in vehicle repairs, and enjoy the hands-on approach, this type of business for sale has tremendous growth and profit potential.


Food on Wheels


Although several permit requirements must be met to operate a food truck in a public space, many people love buying fast food or even gourmet street food from a street or market vendor. Farmer’s markets, festivals, and even school events are potential opportunities to park the vehicle and sell. Keep in mind that the waiting list to get a spot at popular beaches or weekend markets can be long. Buying a food truck business that is already licensed can be wise if it has a spot reserved at a weekend market.


Mobile and Eco-Friendly Car Wash


The recent drought in South Africa highlighted the need for waterless or water-wise car-wash services. These units can be parked at approved spaces. You can also travel to corporate parks to wash vehicles at clients’ offices. You offer a personalised car wash service and can up-sale with add-ons such as detailing and the application of products to prevent dust from building up on the vehicles. It is a scalable concept with tremendous potential.


IT Support and Mobile Device Repairs


Combine these two services and you have a winning concept. If you are tech-savvy, consider one of the IT support or mobile repair businesses for sale. With most people owning one mobile device, offering the convenience of repairs at their homes gives you a competitive edge. You can also offer remote-access IT support. Even if you don’t have IT skills, you can still buy such a business and appoint skilled personnel.


Pet Grooming and Home-Sitting Services


If you are in the market for a mobile business for sale, consider the potential of a house-sitting service for people on holiday. Many pet owners don’t want to leave their pets alone and need someone to be at their house for at least a few hours per day. You can handle the task personally or appoint several trustworthy people who love animals to perform the pet grooming, walking, and caring services.


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