Top Business for Sale Gauteng / South Africa

How to Find a Business for Sale in Gauteng or Elsewhere in South Africa

How to Find a Business for Sale in Gauteng or Elsewhere in South Africa


As the second largest economy on the continent, South Africa offers a wide range of business opportunities for entrepreneurs in all sectors of the economy. Gauteng is still the province with the highest population and businesses thrive in this province. If you are looking for a business for sale in Gauteng, there is no better place to start looking than our website. We have listings of profitable businesses for sale in Gauteng and elsewhere in South Africa.


How to Know Which One Is Right for You


First, determine your interests. You will enjoy operating a business if you have some expertise in the particular field or at least have a passion for the particular field. Next, determine your available capital. It is possible to get finance for business purchases, but having sufficient capital to pay the deposit is important. Thirdly, consider where you want to buy a business. You will find that we have opportunities in many towns and cities across Gauteng. Also, consider whether you are a hands-on person or simply want to invest and get a return on your investment.


Once you have answers for the above, consider how much time you have available and what support structure you have in place. Are you looking for a business where you can be your own boss and handle the marketing strategy, or do you prefer a franchise model where the franchisor handles the overall marketing strategy?


Next, browse our website for listings in your area of choice.


Types of Businesses for Sale in South Africa


The opportunities vary from themed restaurants to 4x4 vehicle rental companies. You could also buy a laundromat or a steakhouse franchise. Perhaps a profitable vehicle workshop interests you? What about a sprinkler system installation company or perhaps a beauty salon? If you cannot find a business for sale in your province of choice, specifically meeting your interests, simply get in touch with one of our brokers to assist in finding one where you live or want to stay.


You can browse all the listings, but to gain access to more information about a specific business, we require registration on our website. It is quick and straightforward.


Type of Information Available


You will gain access to essential information to help you make an informed decision about whether or not to enquire about the specific opportunity. The information includes, but is not limited to:


·         History/background

·         Financial information

·         Staffing

·         Present market

·         Premises

·         Assets

·         S.W.O.T. analysis

·         Reason for selling

·         Summary/conclusion


Once you have shortlisted the opportunities, get in touch for more information. Use our buyer checklist for more information on what you need if you want to make an offer and also what to look out for when doing so.  Be sure to read the section on the buying process. Once ready to take action, complete the full registration. One of our brokers will contact you to provide more information or to help you find a business for sale in South Africa.