4 Profitable Companies for Sale

4 Profitable Companies for Sale You Might Not Have Known to Exist.

4 Profitable Companies for Sale You Might Not Have Known to Exist


It’s a myth that you must have prior knowledge of a particular industry before buying one of the companies for sale in the specific sector. Previous experience in a particular field of interest does count in your favour. But you might have related experience, which can include management, purchasing, selling, financial management, accounting, investment, and more. You may also have worked or have operated in a venture in another industry, but the business model may be similar. This means you can look for opportunities outside your current industry and, yes, buy one that fits your revenue-generating and growth requirements.


Search here for highly profitable businesses available throughout South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe. We also introduce you to types of companies for sale, which might not have been on your radar before, but their revenue-generating potential deserves your attention.


1. Tombstone manufacturing


Someone once said that the only given in life is that people will eventually die. As morbid as it sounds, a service is needed for the people who are left behind. They want to honour the memories of their loved ones. Tombstones provide a tangible marker with a lasting message of love and respect. New types of tombstones are now available to give people even more options in doing so. Add to such, business models that allow for offering life insurance and funeral policies as well at affordable prices, and the growth potential becomes enormous. Interested? Use our search facility to find tombstone or related franchise opportunities.


2. Delivery services


You don’t need experience in deliveries to look for companies for sale that offer delivery services to restaurants, supermarkets, and related merchants. If you’ve worked in logistics, marketing, distribution or sales before, then you already have the experience needed to give you a good starting base in running or owning a delivery service. This is also one of the business models that allow for expansion to other areas. An increasing number of merchants rely on outsourced delivery services to make sure they can get their products to customers quickly and efficiently. These types of businesses also have existing clients, already have the vehicles and drivers, and, in most instances, don’t have high overheads.


3. Security shutters


Property protection is essential anywhere in South Africa. With advanced technology, it is now possible to safeguard glass-door entrances with stylish aluminium security shutters. You don’t need experience in manufacturing or security to purchase a business in this industry. Instead, partner with one of the companies making these aluminium security shutters by becoming a marketing franchisee of the products.


4. Purified water franchise


More and more people turn to bottled and purified water as alternatives to tap water. Reasons for this trend range from the low-quality water supply by municipalities to scarce water resources in dry areas, and the move towards healthier living. It is a fast-growing market, offering you the opportunity to operate a branded water purification franchise outlet and provide an in-demand product.


Key take-away points on companies for sale


Instead of focussing only on what you know and the industry in which you have worked until now, consider opportunities like the ones introduced in this article. Have a look at the business listings we offer to get an idea of what is available. Reach out to one of our brokers near you for help in finding companies for sale that match your budget, revenue, potential needs, and area in which you would like to operate.