Business for Sale In Gauteng

Which Types of Businesses Are for Sale in Gauteng?

Which Types of Businesses Are for Sale in Gauteng?


Now is the time to find a profitable business for sale in Gauteng. Opportunities you may not have considered in the past can now be exceptionally profitable because of the lifestyle changes we now see across the globe.


Whether you are looking for a business for sale in Gauteng that offers good return on your investment or want a passive income stream, you will appreciate our comprehensive database of profitable ventures. We share a few ideas below, providing insight regarding the types of opportunities that become available from time to time.


Coin-Operated Laundromat


Self-help and personal service-based laundromats do well in Gauteng because the province has numerous tertiary education institutions. Many students who study at these tertiary facilities share apartments or rent rooms in houses. They appreciate the convenience of coin-operated and personal service-based laundromats. With appliances being on the expensive side while students work on limited budgets, laundromat services are in demand.


A laundry is the perfect option if you are looking for an operation that is easy to manage, generates a reasonable income, and can be operated alongside your other ventures.


Coffee Shop


A coffee shop is an exceptionally profitable venture, especially if located in a high foot traffic area, such as a mall, featuring a large grocer as one of the anchor tenants. People love to take breaks from their shopping, and where better than trendy coffee shops?


One of the main advantages of this type of hospitality venture is that people do not generally visit coffee shops with the aim of ordering alcoholic beverages. This means fewer license requirements to be concerned about. In addition, the operating hours are normally reasonable. If you are not yet ready for the large investment and long hours of a restaurant, consider one of the boutique or franchised coffee shops for sale.


Trailer and Mini Skip Hire


Do not want to invest more than R 700 000, but want to operate a venture for which you do not have to be at the premises 24/7? What about a trailer and mini skip hire operation? Many companies, residential estates, restaurants, and construction companies rent skip trailers for their waste. Instead of starting your own, purchase an existing operation with a large client base. In this way, the operation provides for income from day one.


Online Distributor


Whether it is an online meat, clothing, or electronics distributor, this type of business has exceptional income-generating capacity. More and more people shop online for products. This is also true for B2B products and services. The convenience of being able to browse for products, place orders, and make secure payments attract millions to online shopping. This type of venture can limit its reach to a particular geographical area or create a national footprint. With an already established online presence, such a venture generates income 24/7.


In Conclusion


The above opportunities are examples of businesses for sale in Gauteng and elsewhere in South Africa. With new listings added daily, you can rest assured that we can help you find the perfect venture for your income, lifestyle, and budget needs. Use our search facility to locate the opportunity of choice.