Find a Business for Sale in Gauteng

Find a Business for Sale in Gauteng or Open Your Own?

Find a Business for Sale in Gauteng or Open Your Own?


Should you start your own venture or rather look for a business for sale in Gauteng? Read on as we walk you through the two options to help you make an informed decision.


Starting your own venture


As a densely populated province of South Africa, Gauteng with its superb infrastructure offers many opportunities to entrepreneurs. However, starting a venture from scratch comes with high risks.


For one, you need sufficient start-up capital to buy the required equipment, pay deposits, lease, salaries and marketing costs. With more and more people using the Internet to find products for sale, services and companies, your venture also needs a strong online presence. This too costs money. With the venture taking time to develop credibility in the market, it also means you need capital to carry you through the initial start-up period. This includes money for day-to-day operations and your owner’s benefit.


Financial institutions don’t stand in line to finance start-ups. Finance is normally by means of crowdfunding, angel investment or high-interest short-term loans. In most instances, people start new ventures with saved up money, their retrenchment packages or pension payouts.


Unless you’re an experienced entrepreneur with sufficient financial support and plans in place to mitigate the risks of start-ups, the safer and often more profitable option is to look for a business for sale. Gauteng offers numerous existing and profitable opportunities, as can be seen here.


Buy a business for sale in Gauteng


An existing venture has already developed a client base. This ensures money-making opportunities from day one after handover. The operating model has been tested and it works. You can make changes to it to streamline and improve workflow for more profitability, but you already have a foundation to work from as opposed to having to create one.


You have financials to use for income and expense projections as opposed to flying blind in unfamiliar territory.  If it has a good location, you already have the assurance of foot traffic. In addition, an existing web presence provides credibility and can be used to generate more sales conversions quickly without having to design a website, build traffic and gain rank before you generate income.


An existing venture already has suppliers. You don’t have to search for suppliers and go through a costly trial-and-error period in finding ones.

Many of the businesses for sale in Gauteng have well-trained staff members who are willing to stay on, reducing the time it takes to get your staff up to speed with processes.


Your operations can be productive from the start. The venture may also have done marketing, with the inclusion of point-of-sales material, flyers and exhibits, giving you a base from which you can work to expand marketing efforts.


To recap why you should consider a business for sale in Gauteng as opposed to starting one from scratch:


  • Financials are available to attract investments and can be used to apply for a bank loan.
  • An immediate customer base is in place to work from and generate income.
  • Premises for operation are available.
  • Marketing needn’t be started from scratch.
  • Credibility exists with suppliers and clients alike.
  • Little risk of running out of money even before the doors have opened.


Take advantage of the immediate profit-generating capacity of current ventures. Use our search function to find a business for sale in Gauteng that matches your income-generating requirements.