Franchise Businesses for Sale

Top Reasons to Consider Franchise Businesses for Sale

Top Reasons to Consider Franchise Businesses for Sale


The notion of being your own boss, enjoying a considerable income whilst having support and status is certainly an attractive thought. But how do you enter the highly competitive entrepreneurial world without becoming part of the failure statistics? The solution is to consider one of the franchise businesses forsale.


Franchisors usually structure their franchising models to ensure easy management, sufficient technical and training support, as well as a framework for governance. They do the hard work:


·         Market research to establish the viability of the concept.

·         Develop an operations model that works.

·         Ensure licenses are in place.

·         Make sure the opportunity they offer for sale meets legislative requirements.

·         Develop a training model.

·         Draw up agreements.

·         Draw up policy documents and operation manuals.

·         Create marketing materials.

·         Create the overall look and feel.

·         Develop a product range.

·         Provide the technology required to operate.


Just considering the amount of work, time, and money going into the setting up of a new venture, you can appreciate the footwork already done regarding any of the franchises for sale. It is a great idea to buy an established franchise, already at a location, with a sustainable income. Indeed, in comparison with starting a similar operation from scratch, it certainly makes sense to join a franchise group.


Instead of operating a venture on your own without expert management, branding, training, and marketing support, you join a group of franchisees. Though the business is an independent entity, it operates within the framework provided by the franchisor. You thus benefit from the oversight of the franchisor with:


·         Advertising for the entire group – you do not need to have a never-ending supply of funds to compete with large businesses as the group’s advertising has an extensive reach.

·         You are the owner and in control of day-to-day management decisions, but have guidance from experienced entrepreneurs, accountants, and managers.

·         The ability to enter markets that would otherwise have been too difficult to penetrate as an independent business owner.

·         The ability to compete with other well-known brands.

·         Competitive edge over independent ventures in your field of operation.

·         The ability to offer services and products, which would have been too expensive on your own.

·         Status of being part of a recognised brand with the benefit of being able to use the group trademarks, designs, patents, and service marks.

·         Valuable training from experienced entrepreneurs.

·         Significantly lower failure risk than with an independent start-up.

·         Being part of a franchising family and thus part of a uniform look and feel.

·         Receiving uniforms, marketing materials, equipment, shop fittings, and more.

·         Ongoing operational support right from the start, which includes everything from support in terms of management and training procedures.

·         Opportunity to develop your management skills within a proven and established brand group.


You benefit from the three most important aspects of owning a franchise:


·         Lower risk

·         Status

·         Superb income


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