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What to Get Ready When You Look at Small Business for Sale Adverts


If you have saved up and have some funds in investments, now is the time to browse for small business for sale opportunities. It is a buyer’s market at present and the banks are lenient when it comes to interest rates. If you have been retrenched due to the economic lockdown regulations, which may have made it difficult for the company to operate, you can now use the opportunity to buy one of the profitable small businesses for sale.


What You Should Get Ready


Generally, you can just register on our website and complete the enquiry form to have a consultant get in touch with more information on the particular small business for sale. However, if you want to progress to the next stage involving a visit to the premises, getting insight regarding the finances of the small business for sale and perhaps put an offer to purchase on the table, you can save time by getting certain documents and information ready.


Your Capital Available


Most sellers instruct their brokers not to introduce any potential buyer who does not have the capital readily available to buy the business. As such, make sure to check first what capital amount you have available or can put together with friends and family.


Income and Proof of Residence


If you apply for finance to purchase a venture or to join a franchise group, the lending institution will want to assess your risk profile. By drawing up an income and expenditure statement, collecting your bank statements and documents associated with your financial security, you are one step closer to being able to buy a profitable venture. Also, keep in mind that business brokers, similar to real estate agents, must FICA potential buyers at one or other stage. This means you will need your ID and proof of residence.


Your Experience


By making a list of the areas in which you have experience and qualifications, you can also determine which opportunities will suit your skills sets and experience.




Be sure to rather opt for opportunities where you currently reside. Taking on a new opportunity has its own challenges but having to relocate to a new area will bring with it its own new set of family dynamics – kids moving school and the like.


Why Are You Looking for Opportunities?


Do you want to move from one province to another and need to buy a business in the desired destination to ensure you can build a future in that town? Are you unemployed, cannot find work, but have experience, qualifications, and security? Have you been retrenched and want to use the package towards being your own boss?


Determine What You Want to Get as Income


It is essential to be honest about what you expect or need to earn. You have certain living expenses, perhaps a few debts to repay, and want to improve your life. Entering the world of entrepreneurship without setting the reserve income limit you need sets you up for failure. Rather, establish what you want and need to earn, how many hours a week you are willing to invest, and where you are willing to stay before you shop for opportunities. Armed with this information you can narrow down choices to those that fit your requirements, enabling you to benefit from purchasing a business that can provide you with the necessary income to ensure you can stay committed to its success.


In Conclusion

By getting all the information ready, you take an active step towards finding the best opportunities that match your profile. Use our search facility to find opportunities accordingly and register as a buyer for more information on the small business for sale listings that match your needs.