Urgent Sale Needed? How to Sell Your Business Fast

Urgent Sale Needed? How to Sell Your Business Fast

Urgent Sale Needed? How to Sell Your Business Fast


The worldwide crisis also has an effect on South Africa. Indeed, with the strict regulations and slow opening of the economy, many retail store owners are struggling. Cash-flow issues because of the economic crisis may have caused personal financial problems for you as well. Rather than taking the money out of the cash register, you might want to sell your business and use the income from the sale to regain personal financial composure.


What you should not do is to panic and advertise it as an urgent sale on social media and at classified services. With limited movement possible, buyers cannot simply drive across the country to come and view the entity.


You also risk exposing the financials and trade secrets to unscreened buyers. In addition, you have to deal with countless enquiries from browsers, all taking up valuable time that you can use towards growing the entity and preparing it to sell at a reasonable price.


What is the Solution?


Make use of our network of brokers to help you sell your business quickly and at the desired price. Our brokers are trained and qualified to assess value. The entity may have far more potential than you may have realised. In addition, many assets may go unnoticed because you have been working with such for a long time and no longer notice their value.


A website, strong social media presence with many supporters of your page, a newsletter with a large customer subscription base, solid search engine ranking, e-commerce facility, and mobile marketing tools are factors that can increase the value and potential of the entity. If you do not yet have such in place, do not be concerned. This just means that marketing and growth potential exists.


Fixtures; assets, such as vehicles; POS systems; security; and a favourable lease contract further count in favour of a higher sale price. Every year already in operation is worth something. The turnover of the entity, profit margin, debtor books, proof of customer base, and marketing already done, including signage, brochures, and regular sponsorships should be taken into account. For the sale of the store, factors, such as available parking, the location of the store, and operating hours can also be factored in.


In addition, up-to-date bookkeeping, and licences help to improve the attractiveness of the entity. Before you decide to advertise the store in the local classifieds, get in touch with our brokers. They will help to determine whether you can sell your business as is, what price you can expect, and what to do to improve its financial attractiveness for potential buyers.


The brokers have access to an extensive network of contacts in addition to a large database of pre-screened buyers in the market for the specific type of operations. They already know the process and make use of the best channels to ensure a sale. With our central website where we list businesses for sale, we attract hundreds of buyers. We also have a strong social media presence.


Take the Hassle Out of the Sales Process


Let us help you to prepare and sell your business while you focus on core critical functions. Register online and complete the form to have a broker contact you.