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The benefits of acquiring an ALDES agency are both immediate and substantial:

  • Use of the ALDES® name and trademark gives immediate credibility to your business.
  • Part of the largest business broking firm in Africa.
  • Access to our large (and daily growing) database of buyers and sellers.
  • Multi-listing of both sellers and buyers.
  • Earn income through our referral system.
  • Supplied with national and international franchise opportunities to sell.
  • Opportunity to grow your own agency – employing brokers.
  • Full hands-on and intensive training in all aspects of business broking at our Head Office.
  • Ongoing backup and support from Head Office.
  • Guidance, advice and brainstorming with experienced Aldes business brokers.
  • Ongoing updates of legal documentation and industry news.
  • Access to 40 years’ experience in business broking to solve day to day queries.
  • Access and use of the ALDES Business Broking online application and software program
  • Use of all legal documentation necessary to run a successful business broking agency.
  • Free advertising of your businesses for sale on
  • Full training manual


Established in 1979, ALDES Business Brokers are the undisputed leaders in business broking and the largest firm in Africa. We pride ourselves on the high caliber of our brokers, the majority having either owned their own business or have previously been involved in a corporate environment.

Over the past 40 years we have been instrumental in transforming the manner in which businesses are sold and we continuously strive to improve the industry.


ALDES Business Brokers is a private company with it's a Head Office in Pretoria. Owner and Director of the company is Ferdi van Greunen. The business model of the group is that of an agency with representation in South Africa and Namibia. Each agency is independently owned and operated.


As an ALDES agency you will earn commission, not only through the sale of businesses but also through our countrywide referral system.

Your income stream will be diverse and consist of results driven commission, service fees, fees for conducting valuations, referral fees and fees for drafting contracts.

For a sales/marketing orientated entrepreneur wishing for the flexibility of his/her own business whilst still enjoying the full support and backup of a trusted brand, the Aldes agency model is an ideal opportunity to be “on your own but not alone”.


The earning potential of an agency is entirely dependent on the person, his/her hard work and enthusiasm.  ALDES does not purport this as a ‘get rich quick scheme’.

If you are a successful sales/marketing person with a sound business or financial background, willing to go that extra mile to reap substantial rewards, then this business opportunity is for you.


A newly established agency should not earn less than R600 000 per annum.
During the 2018 Financial Year the top ALDES agency attained income of R5 600 000 and our Top Broker generated a commission of R2 200 000.


The ALDES brokers are a passionate team of individuals from various professional backgrounds. Many have owned their own businesses before and have vast experience in running a medium to small sized business.

A new broker should be a team player.


The obligations of an agency to the ALDES group:

  • Follow to the tried and tested business practices of the ALDES group
  • Adhere to the code of ethics as set down by ALDES
  • At all-time do nothing that may compromise the good name of the Aldes group or harm their fellow brokers
  • To list businesses for sale as per minimum requirements
  • To make payment of management fees and turnover fees
  • Attend annual conference
  • Abide to the service levels standards as set down by Head Office


  • An initial agency fee:  R 200 000 – R250 000 (depending on area)
  • A Monthly Management fee of R2 000
  • A Turnover Fee calculated at 10% of gross commission earned
  • A Marketing contribution