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Annual turnover


Selling on Terms

Posted on Dec 01 2015

It is an age old question whether to hold out for cash or to sell your business on terms. In many cases the answer would rather be a result of the owner’s personal circumstances and needs. For inst...

What about my staff?

Posted on Dec 01 2015

Depending on the structure of your sales agreement when selling your business the relationship with the staff should be treated differently.

Broadly spoken there are two ways in which most...

PAIA manual

Posted on Dec 01 2015

Privately owned businesses are required to provide a guide in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act – Act 2 of 2000.

The Bill of Rights of the South African Constitutio...

Thinking of Selling on Auction?

Posted on Dec 01 2015

The process is fast

Once the Auctioneer is commissioned to do the job, the auction generally takes place within thirty (30) days.

Auctions attract qualified buyers

The peop...